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We are in close cooperation with various multinational and reknowned producers of pharmaceutical raw materials and final forms in bulk from all around the globe.
We supply a broad range of different packaging material for the pharmaceutical industry such as capsules, pvc films, glass containers, plastic containers, rubber stoppers, aluminium and plastic caps, aluminium foil, seals and tubes.
Ukraine is one of the main exporters of berries, seeds and walnuts. In recent years, it has been actively developing its production by forming their own berries plantations and developing specialized farms intended for walnut production.
We can also supply various chemical raw materials intended for both the pharmaceutcal and chemical industry.
We also have our own line of medicinal preparations and food supplements made from the extracts of traditional medicinal plants.
Our staff of pharmacists, chemists, food and agricultural scientists will take pleasure in answering any question you may have and will do their best to help you solve any problem.

Head Office


Vitamed d.o.o. 

Verovškova ulica 64, 

SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 


 + 386 1 360 27 00 
 + 386 1 360 27 14 

Representative Office


Vitamed d.o.o. 

23, boulevard Lesi Ukrainky, app.5 
01133 Kyiv, Ukraine 

 + 380 44 374 12 43
 + 380 44 374 12 53 

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