Scientific Support

Our staff of pharmacists, chemists, food and agricultural scientists will take pleasure in answering any question you may have and will do their best to help you solve any problem. Working closely, on a day to day basis, with both producers and customers, helps us build a relationship which speeds up the communication enabeling us to offer our support in an efficient manner. 

Regulatory Support

We work with registrations on a regular basis and also help our customers with all the necessary regulatory documentation in order to carry out the registration process. The Medicines Agencies in different countries have very specific rules and requirements and you need to know all the specifics in order to handle a registration efficiently. We closely follow novelties in national registration legislation and inform our customers, as well as producers, about them as early as possible. Handling the necessary regulatory documents, such as the Common Technical Document (CTD), Certificate of Suitability (CEP) and any other certificates is a routine to us.

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