We offer different aluminium seals used in the pharmaceutical industry for sealing vials:


Seals for injectable solutions: 


  • Seals with centre tear-off tab made entirely of aluminium 
  • Seals with centre tear-off tab with aluminium ring and plastic top 
  • Seals with tamper proof protection with a variety of connection systems between the aluminium ring and plastic top


The products are easy and safe to use. They are customized with specific trade marks and colours and sterilised by autoclave, gamma, beta rays or ethylene oxide. The caps are available in standard sizes from 13 to 32 mm. 

Vitamed offers high quality aluminium caps from the renowned Italian manufacturer Capsulit. They also produce plastic accessories and bottles, dosage spoons, droppers and other components. Their production is according to ISO and GMP standards and they have CE marking for plastic cups and spoons.

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