Vitamed offers high-quality rigid PVC films, PVDC-coated barrier films and wide variety of applications for the pharmaceutical and food industry intended for:


  • Pharmaceutical blister packaging 
  • Thermoforming food packaging


Pharmaceutical packaging:

We provide a complete range of high-quality mono and high barrier packaging films for pharmaceutical industry:


  • Rigid PVC films (Mono) 
  • PVC laminated films (PVC/PE) 
  • PVC coated films (Duplex, PVC/PVDC) 
  • PVC coated films (Triplex: PVC/PE/PVDC) 
  • SBC ™ (PVC/PE/PVDC )
  • Aclar ® PCTFE lamination
  • PP foils (Mono)
  • PET/PCTFE lamination and others


On the Ukrainian market, Vitamed represents renowned producers in PVC films, high barrier PVDC films and wide variety of applications for the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. The entire production process, including calendering, coating, lamination and slitting, is built according to GMP and ISO standards. 

The films are offered in transparent, opaque and coloured form in various dimensions. Together with the customer, our specialists will determine the most suitable composition of the film, based on its intended use.


Food packaging:


We offer a wide range of high quality packaging solutions for the food industry.

The film for thermoforming is a PVC based material laminated to:


  • LDPE
  • PP/PE and others

The film is produced in different thicknesses and colours according to GMP and ISO standards. 

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