Vitamed offers a wide range of tubing and moulding glass for the pharmaceutical industry and various glass containers for other industries.

The tubing glass is of the 1st hydrolytic class, made of borosilicate glass, with the best properties in terms of chemical resistance and stability of medicines. The moulding glass containers are mostly of the 2nd and 3rd hydrolytic class, made of sodium-calcium glass. 

The containers are normally in neutral or clear colour, while amber colour is intended for preparations sensitive to UV rays. In addition to standard containers, our producers can manufacture also a wide range of custom produced glass containers. Besides the technical quality, the containers also have a functional design such as being child-proof and senior friendly or having a recognisable look. 

We can supply glass containers complete with fitting plastic caps, aluminium caps and rubber stoppers. Please explore our product range for further information.

We can also offer glass bottles, jars and other glass products for the food, beverage and cosmetic industry as well as tableware and mouth-blown glassware.


Tubing Glass:

Vitamed supplies a full range of tubing glass in various sizes:


  • Vials: with crimp or screw neck, from 1 to 100ml 
  • Ampoules: open (type B or C) or closed stem (type D), from 1 to 25ml, with or witout coloured ring 
  • Syringes: with or without needles, from 0,5 to 20ml 
  • Cartridges: for insulin, anaesthetics and biotechnical products, from 1 to 100ml 
  • Prefillable Syringes: with or without needles, from 0,5 to 2,5ml

We represent the Italian glass tubing converter Ompi, which is among the top market leaders. Ompi is a part of Stevanato Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of glass containers, which is made up of two divisions: a glass division, specialized in the primary packaging from glass tubing, and an engineering division, producing machinery for the production of glass tubing containers. For the Ukrainian market, we supply glass containers from the glass division Medical Glass, located in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The production follows GMP and ISO standards. All the containers are packed in clean areas with controlled environment.


Moulding Glass:

We offer a wide range of moulding glass for the pharmaceutical industry in various sizes:


  • Syrups bottles: with different neck finish, from 50 to 1200ml 
  • Antibiotic bottles: for insulin and antibiotics, from 5 do 100ml 
  • Dropper bottles: different neck finish, from 10 to 100ml 
  • Tablet containers: different neck finish, from 15 to 200ml 
  • Infusion bottles: different neck finish, from 50 to 1000ml 
  • Others: aerosol bottles, baby’s bottles, reagent bottles, ointment jars

The moulding glass containers supplied by Vitamed are produced by reliable, well-known global manufacturers.

All the producers follow GMP and ISO standards and all the containers are packed in clean areas with controlled environment.

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