We offer a complete range of sealing inserts and rings for plastic and aluminium closures from the reknowned European producer Meyer Seals intended for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industry:


  • Two Piece Induction Seals: high grade range of board or foam backed wax laminated two piece induction foils. Highly resistant material combinations and high-grade sealing properties protect the environment from potentially aggressive contents, used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The substrate material and the sealing layers can vary, depending on the contents and the material of the container. 
  • Tamper Evident Seals: one-piece induction sealing material used on most packaging materials in beverage and food industry. Prevent the permeation of oxygen and moisture. 
  • The Wax-Free membranes: protect against unwanted external influences, before the package is opened and after the package is closed again. The substrate material and the membrane are bonded by a polymer layer. Seals can be suitable for all container and closure materials. 
  • The Press-Seals that remain air tight: closed-cell polyethylene foam. Seals are available with laminates or plain, used for aluminium and plastic closures for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and beverage industry. 
  • Oxygen Absorbing Seals: one-piece seal inserted to enable the peelable induction sealing of untreated jars and also synthetic containers made of PE, PP, PET and PVC. Protects the product by absorbing oxygen found in the ullage, or oxygen, which may have entered the bottle after a period of time.

Seals can also be supplied with individual print images or holograms. 

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