We offer different kinds of capsules and an entire range of sizes: 


  • Hard gelatin capsules in ten sizes from '000 to 5' 
  • Hard cellulose capsules in sizes from '00 to 4' 
  • Hard capsules to fill liquids and pastes that can be band-sealed 
  • Hard capsules with circular oriented two colour printing to retain brand identity 
  • Hard capsules for 'double-blind' studies 
  • Hard capsules with innumerable colours as well as elegant pearl finish 
  • Hard capsules made from fish gelatin (no risk of BSE or TSE)


Vitamed has been representing the Croatian capsule producer Lukaps d.o.o. since 1997. Moreover, Lukaps d.o.o. was the first foreign capsule producer to enter the Ukrainian market with Vitamed’s help.


Ten years later, in 2007, Indian Hard Gelatin Capsules producer ACG Worldwide, one of the world's largest producers of empty hard gelatin as well as cellulose capsules, acquired Croatian producer. Main goal was to improve delivery times, offer high quality capsules and optimize customer’s needs.


Today ACG group is the renowned supplier offering integrated manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Their diverse product range of Capsules, Films & Foils, Engineering, and Inspection systems meets the demands of international regulatory requirements. ACG has more than five decades of experience and is present in over 100 countries, with more than 4,500 associates around the world.


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